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The Easiest Work From Home Passive Income In The World

How To Sell Ebooks Online And Achieve The Worlds Easiest Fast Growing Passive Income With No Outlay

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This no nonsense guide will show you exactly how to make over £2000 or $2500 dollars a week selling digital downloads on Sellfy  using YouTube and Facebook and build a quick lucrative passive income

In this guide I am going to show you step by step how easy it is to sell free digital downloads online and I am going to provide you with the merchandise needed if you need some (2000 PDF self help guides in total)

Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Hutchings and I am a successful MLM Marketer, Webmaster, and internet Entrepreneur

I am going to share with you the exact method I have used to sell digital goods for many years with great success building my own streams of passive income and how you can easily make up to £2000 or $2500 a week or more without spending any money on advertising (I can provide you with the digital goods with resell rights if you need some)

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How To Sell Your Digital Goods On Sellfy 

1) Firstly you need to go to  Sellfy and set yourself up a completely FREE digital eCommerce store. 
Sellfy take a small percentage of sales for hosting your digital goods with no monthly fees and they take care of all your transactions (you need to link a Paypal or Stripe account)

Selecting Interesting Niche Ebooks To Sell

2) You will now browse through the Ebooks and select 5  in niches that you like the sound of and you upload your 5 chosen ones to your new  Sellfy store priced at less than £3 each

Driving Traffic To Your Digital Download page Through Facebook And Youtube And Getting Your First Sales

3) You are now going to use the back camera on your phone or the webcam on your laptop and create a YouTube video with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement about each of your Ebooks without being too sales orientated  and you will post a link to each of the each of your Sellfy digital download page in the description below your video placing your keywords in the title of the video, the start of the description and the end of the description and in the tags along with other relevant tags (preferably researched through Google keyword planner or a similar tool) 

4) You will now go to Facebook and create a Facebook fan page about each of the books with the book cover picture as the fan page picture and you will pin a comment to the top of each page promoting your goods and you will post the link to your Sellfy sales page in your promotional comment. Treat your Facebook pages the same as a Youtube video with the keywords included in the short description, in your comment, and in the long description as Facebook pages get ranked by Google 

The End Result BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Free Passive Money 
how to sell free ebooks

5) By now you will see some traffic and even sales coming in for your efforts so you will reward yourself by repeating the process with 5 different books and double your sales and traffic

Rinse And Repeat The Process And Watch Your Sales Boom

6) Now rather than repeating the process just yet you are going to set up a FREE blogger account on and you are going to write 10 blogs about your 10 Ebooks with a link to your sales page in each blog ( I recommend reading my guide to writing a high PR blog at the bottom of this page). Within a week of doing this you will see your sales and traffic slowly start to rise

By now if you have followed my simple effective guide you will be smiling from cheek to cheek with your very own residual income and successful digital eCommerce business that you can keep adding to and tweaking your marketing strategies. I will also provide a link at the bottom of this page on some amazing ways to drive tons more targeted traffic to your digital download eCommerce page and start to earn an absolute fortune. These methods involve press releases,forums and more ways that are all completely FREE

Now you have the knowledge from a successful online salesman and MLM marketer on exactly how to sell free Ebooks on Sellfy and promote your store through YouTube and Facebook so it is down to you to make sure you succeed and follow it through to the end and build your own passive income streams. Good luck

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